bee removal prosper txAs a homeowner, you may not think that bee removal in Prosper, TX is something you’ll ever have to worry about; but the reality is that it’s not unusual for bees to become a problem inside or around a structure like a house or shed. Bees typically swarm from March to July. During that time, they begin to collect pollen to feed on and to store for the coming cold, winter months. The queen bee is also working overtime producing workers to collect the pollen the colony needs and that means that an established hive can become so overcrowded that many of the bees will split off to establish another hive. Homeowners are likely to encounter bees on their property as an older queen, her workers and her drones look for a safe place to set up a new hive.

What To Do If You Find Bees On Your Property

If you notice an unusual amount of bee activity or you hear humming or buzzing inside the walls of a structure on your property, you must call for professional bee removal in Prosper, TX. Never attempt to remove or kill a colony or hive of bees. Bees in a hive will attack en masse if they sense danger from you and an attack can mean thousands of stings, which may be fatal. 

Professional Beekeepers Can Remove And Relocate Bees

Once you call a professional for help with your bee problem, he or she has two options – removal and relocation or extermination. Pest control companies are more likely to exterminate a colony while a professional beekeeper will try to remove and relocate it. Though removal and relocation is preferable to keep the bees alive, extermination may be the only solution when humans are in danger. Beekeepers have many methods for safely relocating a colony; they start with smoke to calm the bees down and then remove as many as possible with a low-suction vacuum. The goal is to remove the queen so that the rest of the bees follow her into whatever container she is transported in. No matter how much care is taken, though, it is possible for many, if not all, of the bees to die from stress or from heat.

Professional Exterminators Can Eliminate A Bee Problem

Removal and relocation of bees can take many hours to accomplish if you can find a beekeeper who is willing to remove the colony and take it with him. Often, the only solution to a bee problem is extermination. A professional exterminator will have the right equipment, chemicals and experience to eradicate the bees in your structures. If the bees that are eliminated are in a wall cavity in your home, you should know that it is important for you to remove the dead bees, hive and any honeycomb left behind to prevent the drywall from being damaged by rotting bees and honey and to keep the smell from attracting more bees. 

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