Black Widow 101

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Appearance: The mature female is around 1.5 in and 0.25 in diameter.
Females are usually shiny black in color with the distinctive hourglass marking on the abdomen. Males are either black or grayish-white and much smaller in size.

Habitat and Behavior: Black widow webs are often found near the ground and can be recognized by their erratic shape. They can be found around the home in drainage pipes, weep holes, or stacks of bricks. They prefer to set up in areas where they will not be disturbed. You’ll often find them around planters, in garages, attics, and anywhere that they can spin a web to capture food. If you have lights near your porch, you may find black widows sitting there and waiting to catch unsuspecting moths.

When it comes to their egg sacs, black widows lay very distinct eggs. You’ll find a white ball made of webbing that looks spikey on the outside. The spikes are the telltale sign that it’s a black widow egg sac.

Their neurotoxic bite can be very painful to humans and animals, although rarely fatal. Black widows are considered to be the most venomous spider in North America.

Diet: Black widow spiders prey on a variety of insects, including other spiders.

Control: Treating the exterior of areas where black widows have been seen such as homes, buildings, garages, or jungle jims, with a liquid pesticide will give you a long residual and offer the “knockdown” that you need. If you see black widows around your home, you should avoid them and call a professional. While their bites are rarely fatal, they are painful and venomous. Call Stampede Pest Control today if you see signs.