Pest Control FAQ’s

Does Stampede Pest Control offer a guarantee?

If you’re not 100% satisfied, we will come right back at no additional cost to make it right.

If I call for a free re-service, how long will it take for you to return?

We are in every area within 2 business days. We can generally service your home the very next day or, at the latest, within 48 hours. 

Do you need to treat the interior every service?

No. The product we use on the inside lasts a very long time. Also, we do a thorough job on the exteriors of your home and you should rarely see pests on the inside. By maintaining a barrier with regular pest service on the exterior, pests will have a hard time getting inside. But we know this

Do I have to sign up for an agreement?

No. But bugs don’t ever go away. It’s like pulling your weeds once and not doing it again for a year or more. Nearly all of our customers get a routine monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly service to keep pests from returning. Having a proactive approach prevents a major problem from occurring.

Do I need a termite inspection?

Yes! Everyone should have a termite inspection done once a year. At Stampede, we do termite inspections for free. We also offer termite warranties which will protect your home against any termite infestation or damage. Call to set up a termite inspection.

Why do you service back-to-back for new customers?

When you get pest control with Stampede, we do an Initial and then the first Bi-Monthly or Quarterly the very next month. We do this to eliminate the egg cycle. Pests are always laying egg sacs and larvae. Products or chemicals don’t penetrate through these eggs or pupae so we need to come back after they hatch and treat the home again to stop the cycle permanently. 

Is your treatment harmful to my animals?

Once the product dries, the product is virtually harmless to pets. We just ask that you keep your pets away from the wet areas until they dry. This only takes about 15-20 minutes. We use products that have been tested and approved to be used in daycare centers, hospitals, and restaurants. We would not use chemicals in your home that we would not use in our own home. As an alternative, an organic service is also available.