flea infestation mckinney txPeople often think that if they don’t have pets or if they keep a close eye on their pet’s fur that they have a handle on avoiding a flea infestation in McKinney TX. But fleas have other means of making their way into your home. Including on you and your visitor’s clothing! The first step to spotting a flea infestation is knowing what they look like. Fleas are typically dark-colored and around 1/8 long. They don’t have wings but they have incredibly strong legs that allow them to jump almost 10 inches. With that kind of a jump span its easy to see how flea infestation in McKinney TX can happen. Besides being on the lookout for signs from your pets (scratching, biting, loss of hair, and infection) you can also keep an eye out for flea droppings in your home or evidence of a flea bite on yourself, especially on your legs and feet. No matter what your circumstance, you are not immune to a flea infestation in McKinney TX. If you suspect you have a flea problem, your first step should be a call to the pest professionals at Stampede Pest Control at 713-714-6970. Visit us online at stampedepestcontrol.com for more information on spotting fleas and to set up your first appointment today.