How do homes attract so many roaches? This is a question that plagues homeowners and renters alike, as these persistent pests seem to find their way into even the cleanest of dwellings. How do Austin homes attract so many roaches? What can you do to get rid of them? Keep reading to find out and keep them out of your home for good!

What Types of Cockroaches Are in My Home?

While there are more than 4,500 species of cockroaches globally, only about 69 of them reside in the United States. Most of these species have no interest in invading homes, but a few will happily settle down within your house. The most common types of cockroaches that you may find in your home include:

  • German Cockroaches: These light-brown cockroaches with two dark parallel stripes running from head to wings are the most prevalent in the U.S.
  • Brown-Banded Cockroaches: Preferring warm and dry areas, these dark brown roaches can be found inside walls or electronics like televisions or refrigerators. They have light yellow bands on their wings and abdomens.
  • American Cockroaches: Although not as common as other species, they are the largest and longest-lived among them. Also known as “sewer roach” or “palmetto bugs,” they measure between 1-3 inches and feature brown/reddish-brown bodies with light yellow edges.

These are the most common roaches you’ll find, however, others can make their way into your home as well. Thankfully, cockroach traps and repellent work on almost all species of roach, so you won’t usually need to get a special type. An exterminator service can also help if you think you have a roach problem.

How Do Homes Attract So Many Roaches: What Attracts Roaches to My Home?

So,  how do homes attract so many roaches? Roaches are resilient little creatures and will spend time looking for the right home. Many different features can attract them to your home. Check out the list below to know what to avoid to keep cockroaches away.


If it’s easy to get into your home, you can guarantee cockroaches will find a way inside. Even something as simple as leaving a door open could mean an infestation in your home. You should inspect your house for holes leading to the outside where cockroaches could find a way in. 

Food Sources

Leaving food lying around will attract cockroaches. Crumbs on the floor after dinner or even food that hasn’t found its way to your garbage disposal are like beacons to cockroaches letting them know there’s food in your house for the taking. 

Cockroaches aren’t fussy eaters. They’ll snack on cardboard, hair, soap, and even leather. Keep your home tidy and clean often so that you spot any cockroach infestation signs early.


Cockroaches like moist environments because they need moisture to stay alive. Even if you think your home is dry, a leaking pipe or dripping faucet will attract roaches. 

You should also check under your refrigerator for roaches. They love the condensation here and will happily make this area their home. Your air conditioner unit will provide the same moisture level, so you should check here too. 

Basements are also places where roaches are commonly found. They’re usually dark, quiet, and can be damp. These are ideal conditions for cockroaches, so inspect your basement regularly for them.


Cockroaches generally enjoy warmer environments. But, everybody knows they can survive just about any climate. If you live in a warmer area, it’s best to set cockroach traps near doors and windows, especially if you leave them open. 


When outdoor temperatures cool down, cockroaches will make their way into your home. They seek shelter during the winter months from harsh weather. They can survive cold weather but prefer it indoors where it’s warm.


Cockroaches can also be a problem in your garden. If you have a lot of garden ornaments or features like birdbaths, cockroaches will find shelter here. Always inspect your garden features for roaches, especially during warmer weather. 

What To Do if You Suspect a Roach Infestation

Now that you know the answer to “How do homes attract so many roaches?” you might be wondering how to get rid of them. If you think you have a cockroach infestation in your home, you must act quickly. Cockroaches bring disease and can trigger allergies and asthma attacks. 

While there are many DIY methods for dealing with cockroaches, the most effective solution is to hire a professional pest control service. A pest control expert can identify the type of cockroach in your home and develop a targeted treatment plan to eliminate them. Contact Stampede Pest Control for a customized cockroach control and prevention plan that fits the needs of your home and family.