It is always a good idea to get rid of mice before developing a full-blown infestation in your Prosper, Texas home. Mouse droppings, gnaw markings, damage on wooden corners, nests, and tracks are common signs of mice. 

While there are many products for getting rid of rodent infestations, there are natural options to eliminate pests. Continue reading to find out the top seven ways to get rid of mice naturally. 

Why Do I Have Mice?

Mice love tight spaces. If you have gaps around utility pipes, cracks in the foundation, or tears on windows or door screens, mice may invade your home. 

Any trash bins left open become a food and water source for mice. Mice live in groups, so if your neighbors have chased mice out of their homes, they may migrate to your home instead. 

Why Get Rid of Mice Naturally?

three playful house mice roaming around a home

People look for natural alternatives because there can be harmful effects when using poison products. 

You can get rid of mice naturally using non-toxic, humane, and effective methods instead. If you use poison, the mouse may die in your wall, leaving a terrible smell that is difficult to remove.

Top 7 Ways to Eliminate Mice Naturally

Here are the top seven ways to eliminate mice naturally. 

Apple Cider and Water Solution

Apple cider vinegar and water solution concept

Apple cider vinegar works to eliminate both fruit flies and mice. Once a month, spray the mixture on any entry point of your house and the entire perimeter. 

Fabric Softener Sheets

Stuff fabric softener sheets in any possible entry point. The smell of fabric softener repulses mice. As a bonus, it keeps your house smelling great.

Instant Mashed Potatoes

instant mashed potato powder

Make a natural mouse trap by sprinkling instant mashed potatoes on small peanut butter globs as bait around problem spots. When a mouse eats the instant potatoes, they expand in its stomach, which may kill the mouse. 

Natural Scent Deterrent

There are some natural scent deterrents to consider as well. Fill a cheesecloth sachet with cayenne pepper and place it at an entry point. Soak peppermint oil on cotton balls and put them in cupboards, alcoves, and small spaces where mice frequent. You may also leave capfuls of ammonia by entry points or small enclosed spaces.

Consider Adopting a Cat

a cat chasing a little grey mouse

Cats are effective predators of mice though it takes work to find a good mouser. The ammonia in cat urine is also a deterrent as mice know a predator is present. Consider adopting a cat from your local animal shelter. 

Steel Wool

Plug holes or entry points tightly with steel wool and seal the edges with caulk. Mice can’t eat through this material but be as thorough as you can and cover every opening. 

Used Kitty Litter

close up of used cat litter in a teal-colored container

Mice naturally avoid predators. Placing small tubs of used kitty litter around access points in your house will keep them from entering your home.

Tips To Naturally Prevent Mice

As the saying goes, prevention beats a cure. Always watch out for signs of mouse activity in your home. Keep clutter to a minimum because mice thrive in it. Organize fabrics, rugs, and blankets in plastic boxes to keep mice from using them as nesting material. 

Keep vegetation at least three feet from your home and close off all potential access points for mice. Keep all areas of your property clean every time. 

Always clean up crumbs, spills, pet food, leftovers, and other such food sources that tempt mice into invading your home. Lastly, keep birdseed to a minimum during winter. 

For a pesky mouse infestation, call the professionals at Stampede Pest Control today!