Tree stumps attract termites. When the stump is near your home, the termites can easily move into your home and start doing damage there. You can protect your home by learning how to get rid of termites in tree stumps around your home. 

The experts at Stampede Pest Control are experts in helping Texas homeowners protect their Prosper homes from termites and other pests. Before termites infest your home, call us to schedule your pest control services including your termite inspection. 

Are Termites Attracted to Tree Stumps?

Termites eat wood to get to the cellulose. They don’t distinguish between the wood structures in your home or the wood in tree stumps. Subterranean termites move into stumps from underground. They build nests in the stumps and grow their colonies. Formosan and damp wood termites also move into tree stumps. 

If you have termites in a tree stump, then you should trust that the destructive insects are in your yard and could easily move into your home if they haven’t already. 

Why Are Termites Found in Tree Stumps?

When you’ve got termites in your yard, they’ll make their way into tree stumps. Subterranean termites like the Formosan species can infest a yard, then move into homes through mud tubes. If you have tree stumps in your yard, termites will find them and make nests. 

If your yard has termites, you’ve got trees or other wood structures that attract termites. Firewood, mulch, foliage, and tree stumps draw termites to your yard. Fortunately, damp wood termites rarely invade homes, but they will nest in rotting wood around your home. Other types of termites could enter your home and do significant damage. 

Warning Signs of a Termite Infestation

signs of termite damage

Termites leave clear indications that they’ve infested your home. A sure sign they’ve entered your home is through mud tubes along the foundation. Subterranean termites build these tubes to move from the ground into your home. However, these mud tubes often don’t show up until they’ve been in your home for quite some time. 

If flying termites swarm around your home, you might see them. You’ll certainly see their dropped wings near your doors and window sills. If the wings are all the same size, then you’ve probably got termites in your home. 

Other common signs that you could have termites include termite droppings and holes in the wood around your home. After termites devour your home, your doors and windows could become difficult to open. 

How To Get Rid of Termites in Tree Stumps Around Your Home

Termites move into tree stumps simply because the wood is easy to access. The pesky insects don’t set out to ruin homes, they just want to eat. That being said, here’s how to help get rid of any tree stump termites. 

Clear the Area

You can remove the tree stump a few sections at a time. The City of Austin offers composting services and welcomes wood debris in the green composting cart. You can also put the small wood pieces into your yard trimming bag. 

Apply Termiticide

Professional pest control teams can treat the tree stump with powerful termiticides. Homeowners can purchase termite-killing poisons, but the safest way to treat tree stumps in your yard is to hire experts who understand how to best apply the pesticide. 

Treat the Surrounding Soil

Pest control professionals also know how to treat the soil around the stump. They have treatment solutions for subterranean termites living in the ground near the stump and your home’s foundation. 

Remove the Stump

The best way to take care of the stump is to remove it from your yard. A tree removal company can clear away the stump. While stump grinding is less expensive than stump removal, grinding the stump does not remove the food source from the dangerous subterranean termites. 

How Much Does a Termite Treatment Cost?

Termite treatment costs vary based on the extent of the treatment. You could spend as little as $150 or more than $700, depending on what the exterminator has to do. Stampede Pest Control can provide a quote for treating your yard or you can check out our termite treatment plans for pricing. 

Dealing With Termites? We Can Help!

Termites in tree stumps can become a problem in your home and yard. Getting rid of tree stumps makes termites look elsewhere for food. If you have concerns about termites, contact Stampede Pest Control today!