mosquito control celina txWith the threat of a widespread outbreak of the Zika virus, mosquito control in Celina, TX is more important than ever. ?Mosquitoes are simply the deadliest creatures on the planet. ?In addition to Zika, they carry a number of potentially-lethal diseases like malaria, yellow fever, encephalitis and dengue fever and are responsible for more deaths than any other insect or animal on Earth. ?With summer coming, you can be sure that you are going to encounter mosquitoes; but if you?re armed with a little information about them and their behaviors, you may be able to take some control of your mosquito problem.

All Mosquitoes Need Water To Breed

All mosquitoes need is a few of inches of undisturbed water to deposit their eggs. ?Water left in a birdbath, in a child?s toy or in any shallow spot in your yard is an open invitation to mosquitoes to make your yard their prime breeding ground. ?When you call a professional exterminator to ask about mosquito control in Celina, TX, they?ll tell you how to look for and eliminate as much still water in and around your yard as possible. ?

Only Female Mosquitoes Bite

Females mosquitoes need your blood, specifically the iron and protein in your blood, to make eggs. ?When they?re not trying to produce eggs, females feed on flower nectar. ?Male mosquitoes survive on nectar as well as water.

Mosquitoes Can Detect Carbon Dioxide

Female mosquitoes are acutely attuned to the presence of carbon dioxide in the air. ?From up to 75 feet away, they can detect the carbon dioxide we (humans and animals) breathe out. ?When female mosquitoes reach the cloud of carbon dioxide they?ve detected, they buzz around inside of it until they find their food source.

Our Genes May Determine If We?re Mosquito Targets

Some people never get bitten by mosquitoes while others are bitten a lot every time they leave the house. ?We know some of the reasons that mosquitoes are attracted to certain people and those include the amount of body heat and carbon dioxide they emit, how they move and even the color of the clothes they wear. ?But not everyone who breathes out carbon dioxide or wears black is going to get bitten by mosquitoes; so what?s the reason that mosquitoes target some people more than others? ?Each of us exudes over 300 compounds from our bodies in the form of odors and secretions, some are apparently attractive to mosquitoes and some are repellent. ?

Bug Repellent Is The First Line Of Defense

The best first-line of protection you can give yourself is spray mosquito repellents. ?You can buy these anywhere but choose sprays that contain DEET as these are especially effective at preventing mosquitoes from landing on skin and clothing. ?For any outdoor activities you?re planning, set up one or more large fans. ?Mosquitoes don?t fly well and will be easily blown away from your barbecue or other outdoor get-together.

Professional exterminators can help with your mosquito problems before and after they happen; so call our pros at Stampede Pest Control at (713) 714-6970 to learn more about mosquito control in Celina, TX and to make an appointment for an inspection of your home and yard. ?You can also visit us online at to find out more about our pest control services.