mosquito control celina txGreat mosquito control in Celina, TX begins by following a few simple steps. Below are the best actions you can take to ensure you have a mosquito-free yard that’s ready for family and friends.

Eliminate standing water

As you probably already know, standing water is one of the greatest sources of mosquito infestations. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in the water, their larvae hatch, and mature within the water before becoming the flying mosquito that bites you in your backyard.

One of the most important steps to take if you do have a mosquito problem is to eliminate standing water by either draining the area or leveling out your yard to prevent water from pooling in any spots. 

Avoid over-watering

Mosquitoes can and will lay their eggs on damp soil if that is the best option they have. So, assuming you don’t have any standing water in your yard, they will then lay their eggs on your lawn if it’s wet.

The solution here is pretty simple. Set your sprinklers on a timer, check your lawn after it has been watered to see if it’s overly wet. If your lawn is really wet or spongy, then reduce the water time by a few minutes. You may have to check your yard a few times and adjust the sprinklers until you find the right watering interval. But if you have a mosquito problem, this is a small price to pay in order to avoid them.

Level your yard 

An important step to take when you have a mosquito problem is to first ensure that any water around your home drains away from your house quickly. This will reduce any standing water near your home. But the second thing to do is level any spots where water is pooling. 

When you live in an area that has as many mosquitoes as we do, the last thing you want is standing water on your property. Spend a few hours this weekend filling in any dips in your yard where water commonly pools. You can buy bags of soil at Home Depot, fill it in, and then plant grass over it. This simple action can go a long way toward preventing mosquitoes around your house. 

Trim vegetation 

Vegetation provides shelter for mosquitoes during hot days. Then at night, they come out from the vegetation to feed on any nearby mammals. One of the best things you can do to prevent mosquitoes from forming shelters in your bushes is to keep them trimmed and manicured. Additionally, it’s a good idea to treat them with organic pest control methods to deter them from taking up residence in those areas.

This is a good idea not just for mosquitoes, but for other pests as well. Many other critters will seek shelter in bushes and make their way into your house or use bushes and trees to gain access to you are windows or roof. Try to keep at least two feet of space between bushes and the side of your home in order to reduce any access that pests might have.

Hire a professional

And finally, if you followed the steps above, it’s a great idea to hire a professional pest control company to perform a mosquito misting service. Stampede Pest Control can help you with an effective mosquito misting solution that will kill not only adult mosquitoes but also their larvae. Give us a call now for a free quote or to schedule a mosquito misting service.

Call Stampede Pest Control at (713) 714-6970 to learn more or for additional help. If you are experiencing issues with a growing mosquito population in your yard.