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Mouse Control In Austin, Texas

Mice are small rodents that can make their way into your home and property. They can cause severe damage to the buildings they inhabit.

Mice can damage wires, AC systems, insulation, ceilings, and walls when they build nests inside your walls or gnaw on things.

You can identify mice from other rodents because they are small with long, hairy tails. They produce more droppings per day than rats. Rats are much larger than mice. You can easily distinguish rats and mice from each other. House mice and deer mice are commonly found in Texas.

Because of the risk of damage to your home when you have mice, regular inspections need to be done. When you find mice, you want to eradicate them as soon as possible to prevent their numbers from increasing in your home.

Fortunately, our rodent control services will keep mice and all other common pests out of your home all year. Call Stampede Pest Control in Austin, Texas for mouse control today.

What Attracts Mice to Your Austin Home?

Several things can make your Austin home a good environment for mice. Mice look for areas that give easy access to food and shelter. These spaces are often warm, humid, and dark.

Popular areas for mice are those with easily accessible food like any garbage they can get into and a small space to nest in. Mice will eat pretty much anything. This makes your pantry a possible nesting space for them. They are also drawn to easy water sources.

Mice may make a home in your walls, attic, or ceilings because they can hide and reproduce there. You can take a few measures to avoid making your home a target.

Keep Your Home Clean 

Since mice go for easy food sources, your home will start to seem inviting to them if you have food lying in the open.

Keep all food in sealed containers if you can. Pet food should also be stored in sealed containers. Mice can and will get to anything that is left out. Your house will not interest mice without a food source, though.

Things like cardboard and newspapers invite mice into your home. They can use these to nest, so if you have an abundance of these things lying around, you should secure them in a sealed container so mice can’t get them.

Eliminate Garbage Access

Since garbage entices mice, removing their access to your trash is another way to keep them away. Take your trash out frequently and use a trash can with a lid. When you have a lidded trash can, they can’t get to the trash bags like they could without a top.

Seal Them Out

The biggest thing you can do is to ensure your home is sealed. If they can’t get in, food and trash are less of a problem. They will just move on to the next promising food source. Sealing your home will also keep out other pests that like to invade homes as cockroaches and spiders do.

As part of our mouse control services, we use rodent-proof exclusion materials that mice and rats can’t chew through. We also seal up any cracks, gaps, and other potential entry points for rodents and all other pests.

Why Are Mice Hazardous To Austin Home & Business Owners

Mice can cause a lot of property damage. They chew on anything they can get their hands on, which includes your wiring and anything made of wood. Damaged wiring is also an electrical fire hazard.

Chewed wires may not be found in time. If mice chew wires you can’t see, you may never realize there is an issue unless an electrical problem occurs. This leaves you at risk of a house fire.

Mice can also carry in ticks and fleas, two blood-sucking parasites, and these pests can harm you and your pets. Ticks carry harmful diseases like Lyme disease, which can kill your pets if untreated.

There is a possibility of mice carrying diseases like leptospirosis. Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that is treated by antibiotics. Humans get infected with this when we come into contact with mouse urine. Rodents can also carry a disease called monkeypox.

Monkeypox is similar to smallpox, but you may be more susceptible if born after the 1970s because you were likely never vaccinated against smallpox.

Mouse urine and droppings can also cause foul odor and cause damage to your home. The fact that mice can cause so many health and fire hazards makes them a very important pets to keep out of your home and business.

Our Austin Mouse Control Process

As Austin locals, we are highly skilled in eliminating both mice and rats from homes and businesses. Our team deals with rodents every day and we guarantee our rodent control services. 

Our tried and true mouse control process includes:


First, we do an inspection. In this, we check for a mice infestation and any signs of damage. We leave no stone unturned as we inspect your property. We can also discuss any other signs of pests in your home which we’ll find during the rodent inspection.

Mice Removal

Once we know there are mice and where they’re nesting, we remove them. There are several ways we can go about the removal and the approach we take depends on the rodent and location in your home. We often use traps, glue boards, and bait stations that trap and kill the mice to keep them from dying in your walls and stinking up your house.


Now that the mice are gone, we help you prevent more mice from invading your home. To do this, we do exclusion work to seal up entry points. This keeps the problem from recurring and also helps to prevent other common pests from entering your property.


Mice can carry many dangerous diseases. Their droppings are biohazards. Our team will sanitize your home after we deal with the rodent problem. We will clean the urine and droppings, which will help remove the odor left behind. We’ll also dispose of contaminated insulation and any other materials the mice may have been using to build their nests.

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