New Coronavirus Treatment!!

Fighting a world-wide pandemic starts at home. During this time of uncertainty, everyone should ensure they are vigilant to disinfect and sanitize all living areas and surfaces. Eliminating viruses should be each homeowners priority. Stampede Pest Control is equipped to help fight the American Coronavirus pandemic! We are offering a treatment that has been approved to disinfect, sanitize, eliminate viruses, mildew, fungus and deodorize your home. The EPA has approved this product and the effectiveness against the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our disinfectant treatment is being offered to help you and your family stay healthy and prevent the spread of this virus.

To protect yourself, call Stampede Pest Control today to schedule your appointment: 214-427-1286. We will put you on the list for treatment as soon as appointments in your area become available.

Link to a Q&A about the product and Coronavirus

Link about the catching the virus from surfaces