Odorous House Ant

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Appearance: 1/8 inch long with a solid brown to black color

Habitat and Behavior: Odorous house ant colonies may contain up to
100,000 ants and usually nest in wall voids, most often around hot- water pipes and heaters, and in cracks and crevices around sinks and cupboards. Outdoors their nests came be found under in soil, often under objects. During cases of flood or drought, or when colonies become too large, these ants are more likely to enter buildings.

Diet: Indoors these ants prefer sweets during the warm months, but can also feed on high-protein foods such as meat or cheese. Outdoors they mainly feed on plant secretions, honeydew, and sometimes other insects and seeds.

Control: Locating the nest is key in controlling these ants. A combination of baits and sprays is most effective in eliminating these ants from your home by treating wall voids and cracks and crevices in and around infested areas.