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To help you better understand our products and how they are used, a few key points are listed below:


Stampede Pest Control uses only the best products available in the industry. Not only do we strive to use the most effective products on the market, but also the products that have a low impact on the environment. The safety of you and your family is our #1 priority. At Stampede, our products are mostly Pyrethroids, also known as pyrethrum or pyrethrins. The main ingredient is a derivative from the chrysanthemum flower. You typically will not find these at your local store. They are better for the environment and safer for people and animals, unlike older products that are currently banned by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) such as Dursban or Diazinon. Another benefit is the 60-90 day residual that is left by the product after it is initially applied. In other words, the products continue to work even when we aren’t there. We also offer a completely organic service for those who really want to go green! We use active ingredients such as thyme, rosemary, and peppermint oil. We perform the service monthly because the sun, soil, and moisture break apart the active ingredients so quickly which leaves you vulnerable to unwanted pests.home pest control prosper tx


Stampede will regularly use a power sprayer to treat the outside of your home along the foundation, providing a strong barrier against unwanted pests. Another key part of the service is treating the weep holes (spaces in between the brick close to the ground) with a dust that flushes out the weep hole, ridding it of any nestling/breeding insects. We will also treat the entire yard with granules or baits to keeps potential home invaders from nesting in your yard. We will also sweep away spider webs and wasp nests from your eves and spot treat any problem areas to help avoid re-infestation. Most often our thorough exterior service means you won’t see any problems inside your home, however, upon request we will treat the interior of your home at no extra charge! There is no need to leave your home during our routine treatments and the products do not leave a strong odor behind. After 30 mins when the products dry, you won’t even know we were there, but the bugs sure will! At Stampede, we are confident that we provide the best service in the industry. We will solve your pest problems and keep them away for as long as you own your home. Call now or click on Sign Up Online to schedule your first treatment!


Click here for a Consumer Information Sheet If you have any questions regarding the service provided or products used you may also contact the Texas Department of Agriculture at 1-800-835-5832.