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Pest Control Houston Prices

When you discover pests in your Houston home, the first thing you’re searching for is pest control. And almost immediately you’ll see there are a variety of pest control prices in Houston. With that said, we’ll show you the price ranges and the factors that affect how much your treatment will cost. 

On average, the price of pest control in Houston is $250 for a one-time service, $119 for quarterly, and $99/month for organic pest control. There are a number of factors that influence the price including the size of the location, pest(s) being targeted, and frequency of treatments. 

That being said, our prices are significantly less than the average and we often run specials so give us a call now for a free quote and to see what special we’re running today. Our services are also 100% guaranteed. 

The cost of pest control in Houston, Texas

When determining the costs associated with pest control there are a few factors to consider which we’ll talk about more. These include things like the pest being treated, frequency of treatments, size of the location, and whether or not you’re choosing organic or traditional pest control. Each of these plays a role because, like anything, the degree of difficulty, tools, chemicals, etc. required can add to the hard costs of performing the service. We’ll go into detail about these things below…

Pest Being Treated

Pests like spiders, ants, roaches, wasps, etc. are all covered under general pest control which is the most affordable. This keeps your home free from all the common pests that you would ordinarily have to deal with at every season change. Another benefit of this type of plan is that you have a pest technician at your house every 3 months. The technician can spot signs of other, more serious, pest problems before they get out of hand and help you address them quickly. Further, most companies including us offer discounts when you sign up for a general year-round plan. This also gives you peace of mind knowing you don’t and won’t have surprise visitors like roaches and spiders. 

Other pests like termites, rodents, bed bugs, etc. are harder to get rid of and require additional tools, traps, chemicals, and time. Because of this, the prices associated with the treatments are more and are not covered with general plans. This is standard no matter which company you choose. That being said, we maintain more affordable pricing than most and guarantee all services. 

Treatment Frequency

There is a substantial difference in price between a one-time treatment and ongoing pest management. A one-time treatment is always more expensive per visit than it would be if you signed up for regular treatments. 

The reason for this is because your technician needs to perform a detailed inspection to identify the pest or pests you have, entry points, vulnerable spots, etc. then make a plan and perform the extermination. 

So all of those costs are incurred and lumped into that single visit. However, when you sign up for a year-round plan, the cost of this is spread out over the course of the year which significantly lowers the cost per treatment. Further, the more often the visits are performed, the lower the price of each visit. So a monthly plan is going to cost less per treatment than a quarterly plan, for example. 

Size Of Your Home Or Business

The size of your home or business location is also a factor. A 4,000 square foot house will require more time and chemicals than a 1,000 square foot house which changes the price for the treatment. Generally speaking, Houston pest control companies charge between $20 and $40 per 1,000 square feet above 1,500 but this varies depending on the company.

Organic Vs Traditional Treatment Costs

The products used to treat your home or business also vary in price. Organic pest control is generally more expensive on a per-year basis because it requires monthly treatments. Our organic treatments, for example, are $69/month. Traditional chemicals tend to last longer (about 3 months) so year-round plans only require quarterly visits and therefore cost less. That being said, we make it a point to use safe and effective chemicals even with our traditional methods. The products we use are derived from chrysanthemum flowers. Our organic treatments use essential oils which are also highly effective. 

Your Location 

Houston is a big city and your location can affect the cost of your pest control. Most companies, including ours, offer a service area and are therefore able to keep prices consistently affordable no matter where you are. That being said, if you live in a more expensive part of Houston and call a company that has an office in that area, it will often cost more. The reason being that the cost of having an office in those areas tends to be a little more costly and therefore those are factored into the cost of the service. If you’re on the far outskirts of the city, there can occasionally be additional costs related to the additional fuel, time, and mileage required.

Partner With The Best 

We know Houston is a big city and you have many companies to choose from. However, nobody provides the level of service we do. For starters, we use safer chemicals that cost us more without costing you more. We also use integrated pest management practices to keep pests away for longer and to avoid the overuse of pesticides. 

Next, we make sure our pricing is one of the most affordable in Houston. Instead of going through the hassle and wasting your time with price shopping, we get straight to the point and just offer the best pricing possible. 

And finally, we guarantee all of our services. If there’s an issue within your coverage window, we come back until the problem is fully resolved at no additional cost to you. You won’t find a better value for your money in Houston or the surrounding areas. 

Things To Look Out For

When you get a quote on your Houston pest control job, you may find that you get a price that sounds too good to be true. And, as the saying goes, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Oftentimes when you hear an alarmingly low price, the company is either cutting corners, they don’t know what they’re doing or they’re making up the difference with additional costs you won’t see coming. There’s nothing more frustrating than the bait and switch where you’re in the middle of a treatment and you realize you’re getting nickel and dimed for every little thing. 

Cheap Pest Control in Houston, Texas 

When it comes to cheap pest control in Texas, the price isn’t the only factor. With Stampede, not only are our prices generally better than the competition, you’re covered by our warranty. In other words, if the pests come back within your window of service, we come back and treat your home at no additional cost to you. And we do this until the problem is solved. Our professionals save you time, money, and headaches. Give us a call now for a free quote. 

Get a Free Quote Now

Still unsure? Just give us a call. Our experienced pest professionals can answer any of your questions as well as give you a free, no-obligation quote over the phone. When it comes to Houston pest control prices, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable our services are.