Honey Bee Control in The Greater Dallas Forth Worth Metroplex

Honey Bee’s are an important part of a healthy garden, home, and neighborhood. If you find your home is infested with a healthy beehive, call the go-to bee experts in Dallas & Fort Worth. While honey bees can prove to be an annoyance, they are an important piece of any healthy environment.

But before they wreak too much havoc on your home, call the honey bee experts at Stampede Pest Control. We’ll have someone out quickly to assess the situation and eliminate the bees and their nest.

Bee Treatments

Need a honey bee professional in the Dallas Fort-Worth Areas? Call us today. We’re experienced in eliminating honey bees, wasp removal, ant removal, and many other pest control services. While eliminating honeybees from your home is no easy task, our experts have the tools and experience needed to keep you and your family safe from bee stings. 


Honey Bee Control The Greater Dallas Fort Worth Metropolitan Area

At Stampede Pest Control, we can safely and effectively eliminate the bees. Once the honey bees are gone, we slowly begin cutting the hive out. Once the hive is fully removed, we treat the area to remove any left over honey. If there is any honey or hive left over, it becomes an attractant to other pests including rodents. After the area has been fully treated, we seal up the entry points to ensure bees and wasps can’t enter. 

If you have a bee problem in the Dallas Fort Worth area, give the professionals at Stampede Pest Control a call today. 



Honey Bee

Appearance: 3/4 inch in length, light brown in color with golden-yellow colors and brown bands.

Habitat and Behavior: In the wild, honey bees are usually located in rock crevices or in the holes of a tree. Unlike other bee species, honey bees usually don’t hibernate during cold periods. Instead, you’ll find them inside their nests huddled closely together sharing body heat and feeding on stored food supplies. Extremely social creatures, honey bees serve a significant role in pollination and ecology but should be kept away from your home.

Diet: Honey bee’s feed on the nectar of flowers and plants, and are extremely beneficial by gardeners.

Control: Approaching the nest while honey bees are present is not recommended. Contact a professional who will eliminate the nest to prevent the honey bees from returning and promote a healthy environment.