Rodent Control in Austin and Dallas

Although rat and rodent infestations may be common in the modern day, housing the uninvited guests can be annoying and incredibly challenging to remove from your home. It can take weeks to even months to fully eradicate rodents in your home without the help of a rat exterminator, and even then it may not be permanent. Infestations can occur anywhere: in new homes where clear-cutting and construction have forced rodents to relocate (often to your home), and in older areas with trees, ditches and water sources that provide ideal environments for mice and rats.

Spotting Rodent Infestations

A rat infestation can occur for months before you’re able to witness the results. Rodents can pose health risks to you and your family as they carry disease, as well as cause serious damages to your property and finances if neglected for too long. The most typical warning signs of a rodent infestation are feces and urine, noises in your walls and tight spaces, and even nibbling through house structure materials and food. If you’re experiencing any of these warning signs, it’s important you implement some form of rat control with the help of a pest control company.

Professional Rodent Removal

Stampede Pest Control approaches rat removal in a variety of methods depending on the significance and type of the infestation. Our primary approach is prevention, with our primary method being Exclusion: the sealing up of and prevention of entry points that rodents may go through to get into your home. Although a higher upfront cost, it prevents future infestations and hassles of enlisting repetitive help from your pest control company. Other removal methods include:

– Glue Boards
– Rat Snap Traps
– Mouse Traps
– Rodent Bait Stations
– Live Trapping

Whatever method enlisted, Stampede Pest Control is proud to service both the Austin and Dallas areas in rodent removal at an efficient and affordable rate. Our experienced professionals in rat extermination can help you assess, act and reclaim your home from any unwanted visitors. Don?t wait until you see a critter scurrying around the kitchen, call Stampede Pest Control today!


Roof Rat

Appearance: Roof rats are black and brownish-grey in color and can grow anywhere from 6-8 inches as adults. Its hairless tail can grow anywhere from 7 to 10 inches in length and is longer than the body.

Habitat and Behavior: Roof rats are social creatures, meaning when there?s one, there?s more. They don?t travel far from their nests in attics, ceilings and upper portions of homes, and are nocturnal and most active at night. At full sexual maturity by three months, the breeding season for roof rats is year-round in most conditions.

Diet: As scavengers, the roof rats will eat almost anything they come across. A typical roof rat can thrive off of cereal grains, meats, seeds, fruits and the like.

Control: Removal of roof rats can be dangerous if not treated properly, primarily because they?re known to carry diseases that can make you sick. Best removal practices include the use of baits and traps to rid your home of these rodents.