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Here at Stampede Pest Control, we love to hear feedback from our clients and friends. We are currently working on building up our online reputation and need some good reviews online.

To give us a Five Star review, simply:2016-07-08_0659

  • Go to and type in “Stampede Pest Control” in the search box.
  • On the right-hand side, you will see a box with our logo.
  • Below that there is a “Leave a Review” button. Click on that to start your review.
  • Please make sure you use terms like “pest control”, or the service that we helped you with such as termite treatment, bee removal, etc.

We’d appreciate hearing your thoughts on what you loved about our service. If there are things we can do to improve our customer service experience, send us a message here. Thank you for being a loyal Stampede customer and for helping us grow!

– Stampede Pest Control