pest control companies mckinney txWhen you call one of the best pest control companies in McKinney, TX, Stampede Pest Control, to inspect your home for signs of pest infestations and damage, you know you’ll be getting the best pest control service in North Texas. One of the things we specialize in at Stampede Pest Control is year-round pest control because our historically-mild winters mean bug populations don’t die off the way they do in colder parts of the country – and they often don’t go dormant either. Fire ants, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, bees, spiders, bed bugs and more pests hang around all year to cause problems that only our pest control experts with the right kinds of chemicals can treat. Stopping infestations isn’t all we do, though, we also take steps to prevent them. 

Step One – We Maintain An Outdoor Barrier

In your yard, there should be a 30-foot barrier around your home to keep outside pests from getting in. When pest control companies in McKinney, TX treat your yard, they’re not only creating a barrier to keep pests out of your home, they’re also keeping down the population of bugs in the yard. This is vital when it comes to treating fire ants, fleas and other bugs that are sometimes harmful and always annoying to you, your family and your pets. 

Step Two – We Treat The Foundation

After creating a barrier in your yard, the next step is to treat the foundation of your home. Outside pests not only find their way into your home through cracks and gaps around windows and doors and in the bricks and siding of your home, but they also creep in through weep holes in your foundation. Termites, spiders, scorpions and even rodents can find their way in through openings many times smaller than their bodies. We treat three feet up the side of your foundation to keep pests out. In addition to treating the foundation, we also check the eaves of your home regularly for spider eggs and nests, mud dauber nests and wasp nests.

Step Three – We Treat The Interior

The interior of your home doesn’t necessarily need regular treatments if the yard, foundation and eaves are treated on schedule. The inside your home may need treatment only if you have a noticeable bug problem like a cockroach infestation or signs of termite activity. Termite treatment is somewhat involved but treatment for other types of inside bugs is unobtrusive and usually involves the application of a pesticide along the floorboards of your home. 

Make sure your home is protected all year round by calling one of the best pest control companies in McKinney, TX, Stampede Pest Control, at (713) 714-6970. You can also visit us online at to learn more about our complete line of pest control services.