termite inspection mckinney txWe all want our homes to be safe and that begins with a termite inspection in McKinney, TX. The word termite can strike fear into a homeowner’s heart because of the vast damage they can do. The best solution is to get a termite inspection and begin a treatment and maintenance plan to get and keep your home termite-free. That’s what we do at Stampede Pest Control. Call us today at (713) 714-6970 to learn more about how we can help you keep your home in great condition. Don’t let the termites win, call Stampede Pest Control today!

Below we’ll cover what we do and why termite inspections are so important for McKinney homeowners.

Why are termite inspections so important? 

Beyond the obvious fact that termites can do a tremendous amount of damage in a relatively short period of time, this damage is also not covered by your insurance policy. Termite damage is viewed as preventable because a termite inspection and treatment can prevent the termite damage from happening. 

Therefore, if you haven’t had an inspection in a few years, or you suspect that you may have termites, it’s imperative to hire a professional pest control company to perform an inspection and service if it is determined that you have termites.

Termites will most often attack structural beams. These beams are the largest which means more food and they often make wood to soil contact. Subterranean termites in McKinney Texas will form tunnels under the soil until they find where these beams come into contact with the soil. 

They will then tunnel into the beams working their way through them and compromising the structural integrity. It’s very common for these termites to go for several years undetected because of the way they tunnel underground.

With that said, even if you don’t see any signs of termites, but you haven’t had an inspection in a few years, you should go ahead and hire a professional to perform the inspection. Inspections are very affordable and are a great way to ensure that your home is protected.

Buying or selling your home?

If you are in the process of buying or selling a home, a termite inspection is almost always going to be required. Any lending institution that you go through will want a wood destroying insect report to ensure that they are making a sound investment with their money. 


As you already know, termites can inflict a tremendous amount of structural damage to the property. The Lending institution is going to want that damage repaired and the termite situation handled by a licensed company prior to making any type of loan. If you are buying or selling your home, give Stampede Pest Control a call today to schedule a termite inspection

What happens during inspections? 

During a termite inspection, your inspector will need to examine every room in the house including crawl spaces where termites may have created damage. They will look for signs of termite damage, mud tubes, and any indication that there may be termites present. Additionally, they will look for leaky pipes and sources of moisture that could be attracting termites as well as wood to soil contact.

After the licensed professional performs the inspection, they will review what they found and make recommendations as to whether or not repairs need to be made or treatments need to be performed. If you’re selling your home, in most cases the buyer will require a termite certification and that you cover the repairs, treatment, etc.