termite inspection mckinney txIf you own a home, a termite inspection in McKinney, TX should be at the top of your list of home maintenance tasks to have done right away. Why is this so important? Termites are a big, expensive problem in Texas and in every state in the United States, with the exception of Alaska. In the lower 48 plus Hawaii, almost all wooden structures have some degree of termite infestation and these infestations cause billions of dollars a year in damage. The first step in controlling termites is finding out if you have them in your home and that means calling for a termite inspection in McKinney, TX that will unearth signs of termite activity in and around your home. Here’s what a termite inspector will look for:

Inside Your Home

The inspection begins at the front door of your home with the inspector checking the doorframe for signs of termite damage. He’ll do this throughout your entire home using a special tool to tap on door and window frames. The tool will help him hear if the wood has any hollow spots that could indicate a termite gallery or tunnel. He’ll also go from room to room, checking paint and wallpaper to look for any soft spots or exit holes that might mean that termites have eaten the sheetrock behind it. He’ll also pay attention to soft spots in your flooring if you have a wooden subfloor. He’ll check all of these surfaces for piles of wings shed by swarming drywood termites.

The inspector will check inside cabinets, paying special attention to those that have water pipes inside them that may leak like those in the bathrooms and kitchen. If you have a crawlspace, the inspector will check for damage underneath your home. He will usually check your attic space, too, especially if he finds evidence in your home of termite infestation. He’ll pay special attention to rafters and joists to make sure there is no damage to load-bearing members in your attic and roof.

Outside Your Home

You may not think that an inspection of the exterior of your home is as important to a termite inspection in McKinney, TX as an inspection of the interior; but the exterior of your home will likely give an inspector the most obvious proof of a termite problem. Unlike the interior wood and sheetrock of your home, which is covered in paint or wallpaper making it hard to see termite damage, exterior evidence will be easy to spot. The inspector will check the foundation for mud tubes running from the ground up to the wood or siding of the house. He’ll check the eaves, especially where gutters and downspouts are attached, for termite damage. He’ll also check any wooden structures that are attached to the house, like decks, and he’ll check wooden structures, like sheds, that are located near your home.

Termites are relentless and the damage they cause can be extensive; that’s why you should have a termite inspection every year even after your home has been treated. To get expert help with your termite problem – or to put your mind at ease about termites – call the best company for a termite inspection in McKinney, TX, Stampede Pest Control, at (713) 714-6970. You can also visit stampedepestcontrol.com to look for information about pests and special offers.