termite treatment mckinney txAt Stampede Pest Control, we are experts in termites and termite treatment in McKinney, TX and we know that just because fall is here and winter is right around the corner, that doesn’t mean that you can stop worrying about termites. While there are a number of pests, like flies and mosquitoes, whose populations will dwindle or die out especially if the temperatures drop below freezing, there are also many, like cockroaches, spiders, rodents, and especially termites, that will be snuggling up in your warm house with you. When it comes to termites, warmth isn’t the only thing your house provides; it’s also a reliable source of moisture and food in the form of the wooden structural members of your home.

Don’t Make Your House A Tempting Target

If you had a pre-existing termite problem, wintertime won’t make it better. If you’ve never had termites, they’ll make a beeline for your home when the weather turns cold and there is almost nothing you can do to keep them out without the help of a termite specialist and termite treatment in McKinney, TX. The only thing you can do to keep your home from looking inviting to termites is to keep wood debris, including firewood, away from around the foundation of your home. For termites, damp wood is irresistible. If you stack firewood next to your house so that you won’t have to go far to get it when it’s cold, you’re laying out tantalizing appetizers for migrating termites that will lead them right into their main course – your home. 

Be On The Lookout For Termite Signs

Continued vigilance in winter is important. If you make inspections of the base of your home looking for termite signs like mud tubes on the foundation the rest of the year, keep doing it in the winter. Inside of your home, look for tiny holes and soft spots in your sheetrock and periodically tap the wood in window and door frames to check for a hollow sound. These could be indications that termites have entered your home and are eating wood, sheetrock, and anything else cellulose-based. If you spot them soon enough, then you may be able to keep termites from becoming a huge problem. 

The very best thing you can do to protect your home is to call us at Stampede Pest Control at (713) 714-6970 for professional termite treatment in McKinney, TX. At Stampede Pest Control, we can inspect your home for signs of a termite invasion and, if we find one, we can eliminate the problem with a termite treatment program that includes products that are safe for people, pets, and the environment. Visit us at stampedepestcontrol.com to learn more.