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Wasp Control In Dallas, Texas

Wasps are among the most uncomfortable pests to have on your property. A wasp infestation during the summer season can get out of control quickly and result in painful stings and bites – which is especially common with kids.

Wasps are the most active during the warmer months because there’s ample water and the temperatures are perfect for breeding and feeding. If you notice wasps around your home, don’t try handling the problem yourself. This puts you at risk of getting stung and potential allergic reactions. Call the professionals at Stampede instead! We offer affordable wasp control throughout Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

Wasp Extermination VS Wasp Removal

Removals are when professionals find the nest, kill the whole hive, and remove it for future safety. This is most common with yellow jackets and hornets. Paper wasps nests disintegrate over the winter so they don’t generally reuse their nests.

Extermination, however, just uses chemicals to get rid of wasps in the nest without removing them. It’s best to leave this decision up to your experts. They understand wasp behavior and have access to the right chemicals and proper safety gear.

Are you noticing wasps around your house? Call us. We’ll kill hives and remove the wasps quickly and affordably.

Impact of Wasps On The Environment

Wasps are important and essential predators to the environment. They provide us with free, eco-friendly, natural pest control by reducing small insect populations. By using wild organisms’ natural behaviors, it becomes possible to eliminate pests in non-toxic ways. But despite these positive effects on the environment, infestations are another matter, and you don’t want them in your home or business.

Dangers Of Wasps

Do you see wasps buzzing around your garden and swarming your garbage cans? Wasps can be dangerous to humans, so you don’t want them setting up nests around your property.

They are territorial and create swarms even when a single member of the hive gets aggravated. What’s even more troublesome is that a single wasp can sting you over and over again. Their sting is very dangerous to anyone who is allergic and the venom can kill a normal person if you get swarmed and stung enough times.

Avoiding And Preventing Wasps In Dallas

  • Don’t leave food unattended or trash cans open
  • Keep hedges and bushes trimmed.
  • Remove and drain standing water
  • Avoid overwatering your yard.
  • Don’t overplant on your property.
  • Trim down hedges and bushes on a regular basis.
  • Keep your hot tubs and pools treated with the proper chemicals.
  • Properly store your pet food in sealed containers, especially if it’s outdoors.
  • Make sure your drainage system directs water away from your home.

Call Stampede Today

If you see wasp nests or a sudden increase in activity, call us for an immediate inspection. The most effective way to control wasps is by getting rid of the nest. This can only be done safely by a pest control expert. Call us now for a free quote. We provide affordable, safe, and guaranteed services.


After I call for service, how soon can you come?

We’ll schedule a visit to your property to perform the inspection or service over the phone. In most cases, we can offer same-day services. 

During the initial inspection, what can I expect to happen?

During the inspection, our representative will assess the severity of the pest problem. He or she will document the damages, pinpoint areas where the pests are entering, and identify the root of the issue.

After the initial inspection, what will you do?

After inspection, we’ll create a customized treatment plan, which is subject to your approval. If approved, we will exterminate the pests and make sure the problem is fully resolved. 

How often do you recommend pest control treatment for my property?

General treatments for cockroaches, spiders, and other common pests are usually done on a quarterly basis. But, the frequency also depends on the severity of the problem and whether it’s commercial or residential. 

If I still see pests after treatment, what should I do?

Pests don’t disappear immediately after treatment, and no pest control plan kills 100% of pests on the spot. Once we treat your property, you should expect pests to come out of their hiding places and die over about a two week period of time. And of course, we cover our treatment with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so we will come back free of charge if needed. 

Do you use child- and pet-friendly products?

Yes, we do. Our main products are derived from the chrysanthemum flower and we offer completely organic solutions as well. 

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