a wasp on their nest

Wasp Removal In Austin, Texas

Wasps are troublesome. They nest in areas that are likely to be disturbed by kids and pets, they bite and sting several times, and they’re aggressive. 

If you suspect an infestation in or around your Austin home, it’s time to engage in some proactive pest control measures. Wasps stings are more dangerous than bees, and it’s extremely risky for people with allergies.

Wasps are very protective of their nests so removing them by yourself is dangerous. It’s always best to seek the help of a professional to eliminate them effectively. At Stampede Pest Control, we use safe and effective wasp removal methods and ensure that all nests are gone. We also put measures in place to prevent them from coming back. If you have wasps, give us a call now for a free, immediate quote over the phone. 

Wasp Behavior

Wasps immediately strike when threatened. Any form of disturbance makes them super aggressive—but their behavior depends on the species. Some are more aggressive, while others bite and sting even when they’re not close to their nests.

Adult wasps don’t consume the prey they kill. They chop them up and carry the parts to their nest and feed it to their young. Wasps often build their nests in garages, sheds, edges of roofs, in trees, or even within your home. Paper wasps, mud daubers, and honey wasps often nest in ceilings, covered porches, garages, and attics. You can also find their nests in chimneys and other sheltered areas.

Chemical-Free Treatment Options

Several wasp removal companies in Austin, TX, only offer harsh chemical treatments that kill the wasps. They douse homes in chemicals that aren’t safe for your family or pets. At Stampede Pest Control, we use child and pet-friendly “traditional” pest control chemicals and offer fully organic options. 

Same Day Wasp Removal

If you find bees or wasps around your home, contact a professional. Stampede Pest Control can help you take your yard back today. We have professionals in your area now.

Guaranteed Service

Any pest company can come and spray your house with chemicals—but whether they’re effective or not is another thing. At Stampede Pest Control, our services come with guarantees, including Austin wasp removal. Reach out to us now if you want the problem handled quickly and you want the job done right – the first time.

Wasp Extermination In Austin, Texas

If you find a wasp nest or you’re noticing more wasps flying around your lawn, give us a call. Our professional exterminators can help you today. We’ll exterminate swarming wasps and remove the nests to keep them from returning.

How To Prevent A Wasp Infestation

  • Secure garbage can lids and keep them sealed.
  • Don’t leave anything outside that they could eat.
  • Avoid overwatering your lawn.
  • Remove standing water sources
  • Wear darker colors outside. Wasps are attracted to bright colors.
  • Wasps are also attracted to sweet smells, so avoid using perfumes when spending time outside.
  • Seal potential entry points like attic vent screens to prevent wasps from building nests inside your home.

Contact The Austin Wasp Removal Experts

Let us take care of the wasps on your property. We perform thorough inspections to identify the wasp nests, food, and water sources. We eliminate the wasps and we guarantee our services. Give us a call for a free quote.