Mice bring a range of troubles once they invade your home, including the risk of spreading infectious diseases and destroying your valuable items due to their constant gnawing habit.

Accordingly, identifying potential mouse entry points is indispensable to keeping these dangerous creatures out of your McKinney home and preventing a widespread infestation.

But where do mice live when they invade your home? Read on to learn more!

Why Do Mice Enter Your Home?

Mice enter homes in search of food, shelter, and warmth. A small gap or opening serves as a welcome sign for these pests to make their way inside your space. 


Mice are more drawn toward whole grains, nuts and seeds, sweet fruits, meat, peanut butter, and other sweet items. With that said, these rodents will sink their teeth into anything accessible, including leftover food debris.

Shelter and Warmth

As nocturnal creatures, mice seek dark, hidden spaces to nest and breed. As temperatures cool down, they are on the lookout for warm spaces which offer comfort during the cold. 

Accordingly, they inhabit areas with poor ventilation, like crawl spaces, attics, etc.


A cluttered home makes the perfect hiding and nesting spot for mice. As mice prefer living undetected in dark and warm spaces, a messy and untidy area allows these pests to live hidden from plain sight with little disturbance. 

Cracks & Openings

Cracks and gaps in the foundation, walls, floorboards, or poorly sealed door and window frames are some common easy access points for mice. 

Where Do Mice Live in Your McKinney Home?

You are likely to find these pests hiding in undisturbed spaces where there is minimal foot traffic or human activity and near food sources. 

These include attics, crawl spaces, pantry and kitchen cabinets, wall voids, cluttered storage areas, and other enclosed areas. If you see any signs of mice, or rodents themselves in your McKinney home, call Stampede Pest Control. 

Why Are Indoor Mouse Habitats a Problem?

The presence of mice indoors is an issue you must deal with without delay. Mice are carriers of numerous pathogenic bacteria. They can spread life-threatening diseases, which can be transmitted to humans via their droppings, urine, saliva, and fur. 

Consuming food contaminated by mice puts you at risk of contracting diseases like salmonella, hantavirus, rat-bite fever, pulmonary syndrome, and leptospirosis. 

Besides, mice are known to chew on virtually anything, including furniture, books, clothing, electrical wiring, and insulation. That can cause a significant amount of damage and perhaps even lead to a fire hazard and ruin the structural integrity of your home in the long term.

Mouse Infestation FAQs

The following are some frequently asked questions about a mice infestation in homes:

Do Mice Live Alone?

Mice rarely live alone indoors. While you might spot a single mouse scurrying across your kitchen or living room floor, it is likely a sign of more mice hiding in your home out of sight that you are not aware of. 

Their fast reproduction rate means they breed and multiply rapidly, turning into a large family in little time.

Do Mice Live In Walls?

Yes, unfortunately, one of the most common places mice hide in the home is the walls. It’s not unusual for homeowners to hear scratching and scurrying sounds from within the walls at night when mice are most active.

Where Do Mice Sleep?

Mice sleep in areas where they nest and breed. That includes kitchen cabinets, pantries, under appliances, cupboards, old cardboard boxes, in between piles of newspapers, and other clutter and undisturbed areas inside the home.

Outdoors, mice often burrow underground but can nest and sleep in piles of vegetation or wood piles, etc.

How to Get Rid of Mice Effectively

Taking measures to get rid of these sneaky pests is vital. DIY techniques like mouse traps and insecticides can do the trick; however, they can often be unreliable when dealing with an established infestation and unsafe to use in your home. 

The most guaranteed and long-lasting solution to eliminate your mice problem from your McKinney home is contacting a professional pest extermination company. 

At Stampede Pest Control, we are a team of local pest professionals who take pride in providing guaranteed organic pest control services for over a decade. 

Call us today for a free inspection and get rid of your pest problem for good!