pest control mckinney txWith winter right around the corner, you may think that you’ll have at least a couple of months in which you won’t need our help at Stampede Pest Control in McKinney, TX. Unfortunately, because our winters are generally mild, many of the pests that die out in colder parts of the country seem to hang around from December through March. Some bugs either enjoy cooler weather and become more active outside or they move inside your home where it’s nice and warm. Surprisingly, many types of pests survive cold weather by diapause, which is an insect hibernation. They lower their metabolism and become completely inactive, surviving on stored fat. Species like mosquitoes and grasshoppers don’t survive the winter in the adult form at all; they bury their eggs in deep soil or water that isn’t likely to freeze. So, which active pests are you likely to see this winter

Fire Ants

The only kind of weather that can have a significant effect on fire ant populations is freezing weather that drops below 10 degrees Fahrenheit – for at least two weeks. Since we aren’t likely to see that in North Texas, you can be sure that fire ants will be around to bother us all year long. Fire ants are one of those pests that prefer mild weather; they tend to forage more in the fall than they do in the spring. So don’t neglect your yard just because of the weather changes, especially if you have dogs or children who play outside. Continue to apply fire ant bait when necessary but don’t hesitate to call us at Stampede Pest Control in McKinney, TX for help because fire ants can be dangerous. Not only do they sting en masse but their venom can trigger a severe reaction in people who are allergic to it.


Spiders survive the winter by following their prey – other pests – inside our homes. The ever-present wolf spiders and southern house spiders are harmless to humans but they can be frightening. Unfortunately, Texas is also home to the venomous brown recluse and black widow spiders. Though these spiders really don’t want to encounter us any more than we want to encounter them, they follow prey into our homes in cold weather, too. Be especially careful when pulling Christmas decorations out of the attic, the basement or the garage – these spiders often conceal themselves in dark corners where they might perceive a hand reaching for a cardboard box as a threat. 

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs really don’t need any special winter survival skills because they’re in our homes or dorms or luggage all the time. Since they feed on human and animal blood, they really can’t be anywhere we’re not. So what makes wintertime a great time for bed bugs? If you have family in town and they stay at a hotel or you have children at home from college, then you have a better than average chance of having a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs travel in backpacks, suitcases, jacket seams, and pants cuffs and only the help of a pest control company will rid you of your problem.

Pests are a year-round problem in North Texas; so when you need help ridding your home of them, call us at Stampede Pest Control in McKinney, TX at (713) 714-6970 or visit us online at to schedule an appointment for a pest control consultation.